self portrait

Hi! I am Jonathan, an open source engineer in Boston.

I like to see awesome Linux installations. I also really enjoy honey buns, and satisfied clients ( not in that order ). If I could eat honey buns every day, I would die a happy man, but at the very least let me take a look at your server.

Check out what I do.

You can also call me the Gordon Ramsay of online marketing, or maybe Emeril Lagasse. I can elicit a certain sensation with the English language, and hate boring, run of the mill copy. I am the simultaneously the sultan of social media, the lord of Linux servers, and the king of the CMS. If you want a passionate project manager to attract passionate consumers, then look no further. The yelling is optional.

Need proof?

What I Use

So there you are, wondering how I work all of this magic. How can one man produce miracles with just a lap top, and an internet connection? While what I do is a lot less confusing than computers in the Matrix, it is not far off. Here are my main tools.

What You Need

So you have seen what I do. You have a sense what I am all about, but how can I apply that to you? How can I start to address your specific needs? Rest easy. You can just tell me what you want to accomplish, and I will tell you how we get can get 'er done. You want better exposure? We can improve your SEO, and start an online advertising campaign. You want more user engagement? We can get going with user analytics, integrate a web forum into your pages. You just plain old want more money? Well, you will need to be a little more specific than that, but not by much. I can figure out the rest for you.

traffic analytics

Having a web presence is a great first step, but you also need visibility into how, when, and what visitors are accessing your information. Google Analytics is a popular plug, and play option, but I find that Piwik works just as well with the added advantage of keeping your data private. Either way, you will need some mechanism to see what is hot on your site, what is not, and make adjustments accordingly.

owned domain usage

The best resource we can have is the usage statistics for our own site domains. It is our first, and last tool for evaluating where our viewers come from, what attracts them, where they may run into dead ends, and more actively engage with our audience.

Moving beyond that though we also own this data like any other, so we can algorithmically modify our site content based on our analyses. The internet never sleeps, and neither should your site as a living document.

competitor site traffic

A number of third party trackers like Alexa, and Similar Group also publish their own data of usage of third party sites. Although the only accurate information is what the site owners privately record these third party records are a good estimation of relative domain popularity. Said another way, we will never know exactly how many visitors a site sees, but we can get a good sense of how their domain does relative to our own. This is a great way to evaluate the market, identify best practices, and incorporate them into our own properties.