self portrait

Hi! I am Jonathan, an open source engineer in Boston.

honey buns I never chose tech life. Tech life chose me. I really enjoy honey buns, and satisfied clients ( not in that order ). If I could eat honey buns every day, I would die a happy man, but at the very least let me take a look at your server.

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Emeril Lagasse You can also call me the Gordon Ramsay of online marketing, or maybe Emeril Lagasse. I can elicit a certain sensation with the English language, and hate boring, run of the mill copy. I am the simultaneously the sultan of social media, the lord of Linux servers, and the king of the CMS. If you want a passionate project manager to attract passionate consumers, then look no further. The yelling is optional.

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What I Use

So there you are, wondering how I work all of this magic. How can one man produce miracles with just a lap top, and an internet connection? While what I do is a lot less confusing than computers in the Matrix, it is not far off. Here are my main tools.

What I Know

So you have seen what I do. You have a sense what I am all about, but how can I apply that to you? How can I start to address your specific needs? Rest easy. You can just tell me what you want to accomplish, and I will tell you how we get can get 'er done. You want better exposure? We can improve your SEO, and start an online advertising campaign. You want more user engagement? We can get going with user analytics, integrate a web forum into your pages. You just plain old want more money? Well, you will need to be a little more specific than that, but not by much. I can figure out the rest for you.

search engine optimization

Search engine optimization ( SEO ) can be a dirty word in the world of web development simply because of some of the practices with which it has become associated. In times past SEO meant gaming search results through different forms of junk content that mostly amounted to key word stuffing, and cloaking text . While these can be temporarily effective, search engines are in the full time business of improving their algorithms to defeat practices like these.

Proper SEO has two elements to it: high quality content, and well designed architecture. While the quality of content is subjective, the quality of the underlying code is not. Simpler, faster executing pages will rank higher than their more sluggish competition. One of the challenges for a technologist is ensuring that it works as intended, but the next is optimizing its execution. A good developer will likely find ways to improve the load times of your pages on each retouching, or better complete the mark up to faciliatate indexing by search engines. This is one area where a site owner should not try to skimp on costs, because the time invested in improving the quality of the page will increase returns over its life.

local search

Planning for search engine traffic can have the greatest relative effect on small businesses because of the way the internet democratizes advertising. Independent, and regional businesses may never be able to compete with national brands for television, and print media, but all are equal within our own web domains. We have seen consistently that those businesses most invested in publishing detailed content will rank higher in search engines.

Brick, and mortar businesses also benefit from localization. A person will search for "gardening" when he wants general information on gardening as a practice, but "gardening Boston MA" when he wants to find gardening supplies, gardening organizations, or gardening services for near term purchase. This level of specificity is one area where the big brands will never be able to overtake independent businesses. Once we can establish you as an authoritative local resource then you will have a consistent, and reliable position in the market.