self portrait

Hi! I am Jonathan, an open source engineer in Boston.

honey buns I never chose tech life. Tech life chose me. I really enjoy honey buns, and satisfied clients ( not in that order ). If I could eat honey buns every day, I would die a happy man, but at the very least let me take a look at your server.

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Emeril Lagasse You can also call me the Gordon Ramsay of online marketing, or maybe Emeril Lagasse. I can elicit a certain sensation with the English language, and hate boring, run of the mill copy. I am the simultaneously the sultan of social media, the lord of Linux servers, and the king of the CMS. If you want a passionate project manager to attract passionate consumers, then look no further. The yelling is optional.

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What I Use

So there you are, wondering how I work all of this magic. How can one man produce miracles with just a lap top, and an internet connection? While what I do is a lot less confusing than computers in the Matrix, it is not far off. Here are my main tools.

What You Need

So you have seen what I do. You have a sense what I am all about, but how can I apply that to you? How can I start to address your specific needs? Rest easy. You can just tell me what you want to accomplish, and I will tell you how we get can get 'er done. You want better exposure? We can improve your SEO, and start an online advertising campaign. You want more user engagement? We can get going with user analytics, integrate a web forum into your pages. You just plain old want more money? Well, you will need to be a little more specific than that, but not by much. I can figure out the rest for you.

visual design

Visual design of your site does much more than just make you look good. Yes, good design is aesthetically pleasing, but there is a logical science behind the design elements. A casual observer may not realize it right away, but our minds subconsciously take mental cues from the what we observe. On some level we all know that different colors are associated with different behavior, and mental states, but we may not be fully aware of exactly how pervasive this influence is, or how effective it can be for marketing.

managing page layout

While load speed is an important factor in delivering maximum content to your visitors in the shortest amount of time, Jakob Nielsen shows that we should pay special attention to the patterns that users may have already developed when designing pages for the web. Namely users consistently scan the page for interesting content before deciding whether to read in depth, or move on. The visual appeal of the content in your natural F shaped block can make the difference between a sale, or a bounce on your pages. Even the best, most compelling content still requires that viewers stay on the page long enough to read it.